"The form begins with the ghost of the piece in my soul. Beauty is in your mind."

- Mariusz & Dorota Rynkiewicz

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The Beginning

Mariusz Rynkiewicz was born in Bialystok, Poland. In 1977 he went to St. Petersburg where for the first time he saw the czarist glass collection of Venetian Masters which absolutely fascinated him. From that very moment of inspiration, he knew exactly what he wanted to do in life. That same year he started working and studying at the Bialystok Glass Works. He was taught by the best glass blowers and designers at the Krosno Glass Works. In 1987 he left Poland and sought work in the field of artistic glass. He came to Seattle in December 1988, knowing only a few words of English, and in a few weeks he found work in his chosen profession. In 1995 he opened his own glass studio.

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How do you know how life will go? For me, I am thinking all the time about the family, about man/woman, he/she. I am a family man, I love my wife and I love my children. From there, everything springs.

And then, the color. I am always looking at the color, holding it up to the light, illuminating it...watching always the color.

And then, the design. What is the shape that can hold this color red? Thinking of this, I draw, drawing from what I see in my eyes. Because I have read all the books, I know the forms. I have studied the techniques. I think, what tradition can I add a contemporary touch to? And then I blow glass. I am a glassblower.

Relationship Between Men and Women

Professional History















Born First Day in Bialystok, Poland

Trained at the Professional Glass Blowing School
of the Bialostokie Huty Szkia (Glass Factory) in Bialystok, Poland

Advanced from Assistant to Gaffer at Bialostokie
Huty Szkla (Glass Factory) in Bialostok, Poland

Trained at Krosnienskie Huty Szkla (Glass Factory) in Krosno, Poland

Left Poland to look for work in Art Glass

Came to Seattle from Spain

Glassworker at Fremont Antique Glass in Seattle, WA

Gaffer at Ornamental Blown Glass in Lynnwood, WA

Student to Danta Marioni at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA

Student of Lino Tagliapietra at Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle, WA

Instructor of Glass Blowing at Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle, WA

Owner / Designer / Gaffer of Studio Rynkiewicz in Everett, WA

Chameleon Visual Arts  - Commissions for :
Saks 5th Avenue,  Nordstrom,  Marshall Fields, Niemen Marcus

Costco vendor for Road Shows

Exhibitor for Flower & Garden Show in Seattle, San Francisco and Eugene.
Exhibitor at Art and Craft Shows around Western United States


Artist's Statement

Color drives my design. I always have more ideas than I can create.

What is the shape that can hold this color red? I've studied the traditional forms, and I understood their importance, but always I want to add myself to them. I learned to blow glass in the factory, to master the tradition, and now to make the pieces that have never existed, new shapes that combine the old with my ideas of beauty and dimnesion is good.

The form begins in my soul, with the ghost of the piece in my mind. Beauty is what is in your mind.